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Regardless of interest, vision, goals, and focus, each individual is constantly looking for a path to success. We aim to help you on your journey to success through our 5 Pillar approach.

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    Providing for Our Future Athletes’ Needs and Beyond.

    The 365Pro platform combines activities in core areas such as training (strength and conditioning), skill development, stretching, nutrition, and speed training to help foster an opportunity for all athletes to improve through regular detailed coaching. Our scheduling is customizable and can be completed at your own pace. Sign up now!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions to help you understand our app better. Click on the boxes below to learn more.

    Section 1 – Learn About 365Pro

    What is 365Pro?

    365Pro is a software product that aims to provide a one-stop, affordable platform for training (strength and conditioning), skill development, speed training, injury mitigation and lifestyle (nutrition, hydration, recovery).

    Who are the coaches who construct the programming?

    The coaches on 365Pro have 415 years of combined Division I College and NFL experience. We offer elite coaching from former Division I Head Coaches and Coordinators at some of the top college programs to the highest level of Professional Football coaches.

    Can I do 365Pro at home?

    365Pro has a complete Bodyweight training program for inexperienced athletes and others who do not have access to a weight room.  Our Body Weight program offers strength training, skill development drills, speed development, injury mitigation and lifestyle (nutrition, hydration, recovery) at an elite level.

    Can I do 365Pro if I have a strength coach or trainer?

    Yes! 365Pro offers a library of strength training lifts, skill development drills, speed development, injury mitigation exercises, lifestyles (nutrition, hydration, recovery). So, if an athlete wants extra work to improve on the weekends or days without instruction without their trainer or coach, we are the perfect addition for that.

    Does 365Pro have nutrition guidance for athletes?

    Yes!  365Pro has a registered Sports Dietician through Eleat Nutrition, Angie Asche.  We will be constantly adding to our current videos and articles each quarter.

    Does 365Pro offer position specific training for subscribers?

    Yes! 365Pro offers specific skill development drills for each position on the field.  This also includes Kicker, Punter and Long Snapper. Furthermore, 365Pro offers position specific training programs based on positional needs. Individualized training is provided separately and differently for each position. So, a wide receiver will be provided with a tailored program to their specific positional needs which will be different from what an offensive lineman is provided with.

    How does 365Pro assist in injury mitigation?

    At 365Pro, each training session implements prehab movements and exercises that focus on shoulders, knees, and ankles.  This exact same program was shown to greatly decrease injury rates at a Power 5 football program immediately after implementation of the 365Pro plan.

    What does an off-season workout look like with 365Pro?

    Having years of experience, we understand that there are different seasons to the calendar year.  We set up our programming into 4 different phases or seasons with each having a specific goal so our athletes peak at the correct time.  Our Winter phase is focused on time in the weight room and just one day a week of skill development, speed work and agilities.  Here we build the foundation and focus on stance and start on the field and basic concepts in the weight room.  Our spring phase progresses by focusing on two days of skill development, speed work and agilities and moving to a three-day split in the weight room.  Moving into summer, our skill work progresses as we work advanced drills for each position.  We continue to work speed and agilities two days a week but split our third lift day into conditioning to build volume in our weekly running program.  Finally, maybe the most overlooked phase is our in-season program.  We believe in two lifts per week plus an explosive day to keep the twitch we have built throughout the year.  Nutrition and recovery are crucial and our education from Eleat Nutrition is at the forefront of our programming. 

    What are the best lifts for football players and does 365Pro coach these movements?

    This is always debatable as some strength coaches will say the squat while others will argue it’s a triple extension movement such as a clean.  At 365Pro we believe in a hybrid program that will highlight several different philosophies.  Depending on the time of the year we will contrast major lifts with explosive movements, maybe focus on form and technique coming out of season, incorporate conjugate methods or move into some true sets to max effort.  These are similar programs that produced a Heisman Trophy and Jim Thorpe winner as thy performed the 365Pro plan.  

    What if I had a previous injury?

    You should consult a physician or other healthcare professional before starting any fitness program on or through 365Pro to determine if it is right for your needs.

    Once cleared, there should be no issue working back into our training program after an injury.  With over 400 years of experience in football, our staff understands injuries and that they are part of athletics. Our suggestion is to always start back with bodyweight movements, then add light weight and build up each week. You must be patient with your weight as we do not want a setback even though our programming is designed to keep you healthy.

    Section 2 – Profile, Membership, and Billing

    Once I set up a profile, can I switch my position?

    We understand that position change is part of Football, and it could possibly happen. So, each subscriber can change their position by going to their profile tab at the bottom of the page. Once you are in your profile, the position is listed. You will receive a warning informing you that changing your position will restart your program back to day 1. This is important because we feel that you will need to learn your new position from the foundation of stance and start, which is covered in week 1. We also offer a set of dual positions (wide receiver/defensive back) to help assist players who play multiple positions.

    How safe is my personal information that I submit?

    Please read our privacy policy available at this link.

    How do I start my 2-week trial?

    First, download the 365Pro app from the App or Google Play store. Once the App is downloaded, launch the app from your home screen and select “Join Now”. Next, you will be asked to sign up with basic information and select “Next”. After reading and agreeing to our waiver, you will be directed to our subscription page. From there select “2 Week Free Trial” and you are one step closer to reaching your potential.

    What are the 365Pro subscription plans?

    We offer 3 different subscription plans.  You can select from month to month at $19.95, 6 months for a one-time payment of $109.95 or a one-time payment for a 12-month subscription at $199.95. All 3 options are recurring subscriptions.

    If I need more assistance in my training, can I reach out to a coach?

    Our staff is available via email.  Soon we will be adding a Player’s Lounge which will allow subscribers to speak directly with the 365Pro staff.

    What if a payment does not go through?

    We want each subscriber to reach their potential.  Because of this mission, if a payment does not go through, you will still have access for one month.  That gives our athletes the ability to continue to improve and time to update a card on file through your profile.

    What are the accepted payment methods?

    The 365Pro payment platform, via Stripe, accepts all major credit cards, debit cards and popular payment methods around the world.

    Are there any age restrictions?

    A subscriber under the age of 14 with parental guidance and approval will only have access to our body weight program. This is a foundational program that will assist any inexperienced athlete in getting familiar with major movements plus build a base that will assist greatly in injury mitigation.

    How do I switch my subscription from a monthly payment to yearly?

    The subscriber can go to their profile and select subscription.  You will select the upgrade tab and the package you want to upgrade to. That upgrade will begin on the expiration of your current plan.

    If I delete my profile, can I reactivate it later?

    You will have access to your account until the expiration date that you paid for. If you would like to terminate your account immediately, please select that option. In the future if you would like to reactivate your account, you will create a profile once again and you may use your previous email address.

    Section 3 – 365Pro Content

    What content is included in the training pillar?

    The foundational pillar of 365Pro encompasses the entire world of Strength & Conditioning as athletes work to develop improved athleticism & movement quality. A year-round, position-specific training program is delivered to the user while continuously being supported by the other four pillars. Strength Training equipment can be used to complete the workouts, if available, or body weight workouts are available for those in need. Sport Science used at the highest levels of Athletics have been streamlined to effectively translate to use for athletes at the youth & High School level. Program periodization is utilized throughout each phase to prevent overtraining, reduce the risk of injury, and ultimately peak athletes for their season.

    What content is included in the skill development pillar?

    Position-specific skills & drills formulated by college & professional coaches create a year-round development plan for any athlete, at any position. Based on the phase of the year, focused development plans coincide with necessary position work. From the Post-Season all the way to intense Pre-Season preparation, the Skill Development pillar customizes regiments used by college & professional athletes to continually hone their craft.

    What content is included in the speed development pillar?

    No matter the sport, speed can always be developed to attain that extra degree of output. Coinciding directly with Training & Injury Mitigation, Speed Training is built to allow the athlete to meet all their training needs in a comprehensively planned approach without over-exerting. Training for the entire explosive movement pattern is delivered to the athlete, content not readily available before reaching the college level. Harness your ability to become a faster version of yourself without compromising effort or output in other areas by cultivating our program to improve linear straight-line speed, lateral cutting, and overall agility on a daily basis. In today’s world of sports, regardless of position, the ability to move in the open field can separate you from the competition.

    What content is included in the injury mitigation pillar?

    Safety and injury prevention are two of the most important parts of competition and also two of the most overlooked. Many sports require physicality that can lead to injuries and by spending time & focused energy in a process designed to lower injury risk – you not only train at the highest level but also assure that you are always available to train and play. Each training session builds in therapy-based movements designed to decrease the chance of injury by increasing stabilizer, tendon, and ligament strength.

    What content is included in the lifestyle pillar?

    The most wide-ranging pillar of offerings starts with Nutrition & Hydration information and assistance. This pillar will continue to grow to fit all the off-field needs and desires of athletes as they not only aspire to be elite athletes on the field, able to focus concentrated effort on nuanced preparation but also gain exposure & lessons in a diverse set of topics that enter the daily consciousness of high-level athletes.

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