Results from the 365Pro Transformation

Learn how the 365Pro program helped elite college athletes achieve better results and stay healthy at the Division 1 level.

Injury Mitigation

The 365Pro Transformation was proven to offer collegiate football players participating at the NCAA Division 1 level benefits such as fewer serious injuries, fewer missed games, and more potential time on the field.*

increase playing time

The 2014 season was the first year our 365Pro Program was incorporated. This graph represents the collective number of games missed by players for the entire team throughout the year.

maximize potential

This graph represents how many starters were lost per game on average for the entire year. Implementing the 365Pro Program significantly decreased the starters lost per game between Pre365 and the 365Pro Transformation.

Optimize Longevity

This graph shows the rate of major injuries, typically ending the players’ season. The Y-axis represents the total number of games missed by players during the season. Examples of season-ending injuries included ACL and labral tears. These are defined as any injury which causes an athlete to miss the remainder of the competitive season.

Avoid the operating room

This graph represents surgical cases for the entire calendar year. This includes off-season, weight-training, spring football, camp, and in-season. The data includes joints and soft tissue injuries that are typical for the game of football.

*Results may vary based on a variety of independent, individual, and team factors. The stats provided here are only intended as an example to show what happened in the past. They are REAL results but do NOT guarantee future success.

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