A Comprehensive Approach to Football Training and Development: A 365Pro 5-Part Series

Mar 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

When it comes to football training, many want to start the debate with what is the best approach to lifting. Training, otherwise commonly referred to as strength & conditioning or lifting, is obviously an extremely important element of proper preparation. 

But, to truly develop the “total” athlete there is so much more that goes into a proper approach. Players at the college & NFL levels are afforded access to support in a myriad of areas that are paramount to year-round development in virtually any sport – but especially football – being position drills for skill development with coaches, speed training with strength coaches, stretching and prehab movements for Injury Mitigation with athletic trainers, and Nutrition in conjunction with a registered dietician, etc.

There is an age-old adage that you can’t “out-train” a bad diet, it can also be said that poor drill technique makes in-game success more challenging, and an out-of-shape athlete will surely have a hard time avoiding injuries. All that aside, the point at the end of the day is each element of a developmental plan feeds the other elements to create a better chance for success. You could easily compare this approach to compounding interest when investing, “the rich get richer”. Invest in yourself or your athlete in the family by ensuring that every facet of their preparation is accounted for and calculated to experience the best results. 

Our newest series of blogs will follow with a 5-part overview of what athletes need to know for year-round development in the world of Football. We have broken this down into the 5 Pillars of 365Pro. These are the most important and sacred elements of being the best version of yourself as a player. The series profiling Training, Skill Development, Speed Training, Injury Mitigation, and Lifestyle are of paramount importance as singular entities and are exponentially more important when combined properly.

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